2018 Stock Show & Rodeo dates: February 2-18, 2018.
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With some of the best weather in the world, the 63 Annual Cinch Roping Fiesta finished just as smoothly as it began. In the invitational Tie-Down Saturday afternoon Caleb Smidt made it two years in a row to take home over $10,000 in cash and a trophy saddle from Jey's Saddlery. Shane Hanchey had the lead going into the short go and had some difficulty getting the calf to the ground as it had a leg over the slack. Average winners 1-4: Caleb Smidt-41.22, Cimarron Boardman-42.51, Tuf Cooper-43.35, and Sterling Smith-43.60.

In the Steer Roping the "walking fresh" steers presented some predictable challenges for the ropers. In the first go over 1/3 of the 30 runs were "No-Times." Jesse Tierney and Roger Branch were the only two ropers to get all 4 head down with Tierney taking the win to take home over $10,000 and the Coats Trophy saddle with a 68.30 on 4 steers. Branch was 2nd with a 74.22. Third was Troy Tillard with 44.16 on 3 head and Cody Lee was fourth with 49.83 on three.

In the match roping of Cody Ohl vs. Ryan Jarrett it was exciting from start to finish. Ohl had a slight 3-4 second lead until Jarrett's 21.06 time on run #5 that extended the Ohl advantage up to 10.39 seconds. At the midway point of 6 calves each, the split was 8.74 seconds in favor of Ohl. With the calves now being run for the second time in the second half match, Jarrett whittled the lead down to a 2.8 second split after calves #7. On Ohl's ninth calf he top-knotted the calf with his first loop and used a second loop to stop the clock at 20.20 for the run. With the split swinging back to favor Jarrett with a 6.55 cushion, it was all downhill for runs #10-#12. Jarrett continued to expand his lead by nearly 11 seconds when it came to the final calf. Jarrett put up a 10.15 second run to make it impossible for Ohl to catch him with a grand total on 12 head of 148.36 seconds. Ohl's rode into the match box with 149.10 on 11. With Ohl knowing the door was closed for the possibility of a win, he roped his last calf and took his time to make his last match tie for the 63rd Annual Cinch Roping Fiesta.

The Association and Roping Committee wishes to thank everyone for attending the event.

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