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Calf Roping

2019 Calf Roping Information

The 2019 Cinch Roping Fiesta Invitational Calf Roping will be held Saturday, October 26 at the Outdoor Roping Arena on the San Angelo fairgrounds. Tickets may be purchased beginning Tuesday, October 1 at the San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo Office.

Match ropers will be announced soon.

The Preliminary Calf Roping will be held Friday, October 25 in the 1st Community Credit Union Spur Arena. Entries will open Tuesday, September 3rd. Look for more information soon!

2018 Ryan Jarrett and Shane Hanchey $20,000 Match

Ryan Jarrett 2018 Match Roping Champion
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It was another great match at the 65th Annual Cinch Roping Fiesta. Ryan Jarrett defeated Shane Hanchey on a 12-head match with a 162.54 aggregate total time. The lead over Hanchey was a clean 45.13 seconds. A quick glance at the total and it may look a little lop-sided, but there is always a little more to the story.

This year was scheduled to be Ryan Jarrett’s attempt to avoid a two-year consecutive losing streak after last year’s loss to first year invite roper Caleb Smidt. Smidt rescinded his invitation to the defend his title just a short seven days prior to the event.The roping committee, under the direction of Roping Committee Chairman Tony Churchill, made one call to Shane Hanchey to take the place in the match against Jarrett.This match has a reputation to its venue, ONLY NFR TIE-DOWN champions in front of this crowd. As Hanchey leads the qualifying into this years NFR, and a Gold Buckle to back it up, he took the invitation with only a couple preparation days available before roping well over two tons of calves.

The calves are a little larger and the score is a little longer…and it helps to prepare and condition for this event, of which Hanchey had neither. Jarrett roped a businessmen’s match from the start to the finish. With every run his aggressiveness and experience showed true. After the fifth calf his lead was 13.44 seconds over Hanchey. This is a “rope until you miss match,” which means ropers can carry two loops and if those break, come back to the chute to get a third.If a ropers calf kicks loose of the tie hold of 6 seconds it is a 60 second penalty.

On the sixth calf Hanchey rode up, reached a little and missed.His horse set up, as it should, and then he had to regroup. He did have a second rope, but riding last year's calf-roping horse of the year SI (Simon Cowell), he thought dragging the first rope under him while working the second rope, may create an ever larger problem than catching the calf. He needed to rebuild his loop while he rode down the pen. The second rope on his saddle was only a replacement should he break his first rope. It cost him with a 72.03 second run. At the midway point of the match Jarrett had a 54.45 second advantage.That spread is hard to overcome unless the luck of the draw holds true to both ropers, who rope the same calves over the length of the match.

Jarrett had his own dose of drama on his tenth calf, he had to two-loop him, but unlike Hanchey he had two strings on the saddle and made it pay. The exact same circumstance that cost his competitor 72 seconds was only a 30.09 run.Two strings proved themselves almost 40 seconds faster than one that had to be rebuilt. After that run the spread remained a comfortable 40 second cushion with two calves to go.

In the end Jarrett and Hanchey finished showing the crowd why each was a true competitor. Hanchey for taking a shot at a Fiesta Title with very little preparation, and Ryan Jarrett for proving he is one of the most consistent ropers in the game.May they each have a profitable NFR. In the end it is Ryan Jarrett 162.54 and Shane Hanchey 207.67.Thanks to each for providing some of the best entertainment roping fans could ever witness.

2018 Cinch Invitational Calf Roping Results

Tyson Durfey, 2018 Cinch Invitational Calf Roping Champion
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The Cinch Jeans Invitational Calf Roping took place Saturday, October 27, 2018 at the Outdoor Roping Arena. For the first time in the history of the event, the contestants winnings counted toward their year end earnings for the PRCA to help qualify them for the Nationals Finals Rodeo. October 1 was the start of the 2019 Earnings season, and several cowboys helped set-up themselves up for a great start on the year.

Tyson Durfey walked away with not only the Champion title, buckle, and saddle, but a paycheck of $12,325, which helps further his lead for the 2019 earnings season. Runner-up Marty Yates took home a pay check over $10,000, as second in the average paid $8,000, and second in the Short go for $2,500. Adam Gray of Seymour, TX finished third in the averaged, and first in the short-go for a total of $8,800. Tuf Cooper claimed $6,000 to report for 2019 earnings, and Westyn Hughes another $5,800.

Of course, several other contestants are taking home go round money, and a full list of earnings is available below.

A great week of roping, and $58,000 awarded to our Tie-Down Invitational Roping Participants to help launch their 2019 season.

2018 Cinch Preliminary Calf Roping Results

Haven Meged Preliminary Roping Champion
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The Preliminary Roping associated with the Cinch Roping Fiesta was held Friday, October 26, 2018 at the 1st Community Credit Union Spur Arena in San Angelo, Texas. The Prelim Roping serves as a qualifier for calf roping contestants to vie for a chance to compete in the Invitational Calf Roping, aka the "Big Roping," Saturday in the Outdoor Arena.

Typically, the top five contestants from the prelim advance for a chance to compete in the Outdoor Arena, and this year, for earnings there that help qualify them for a position in the winter rodeos and the NFR.

The full results of the prelim roping by round are available in PDF form below.

The 2018 Champion was Haven Meged of Miles City, Montana. Meged won the average, the Short-GO round, and finished 5th in the first go round. Bruton Trailers of San Angelo, Texas presented him a buckle, and he took home a good check along with the opportunity to rope in Saturday's Invitational Calf Roping. Saturday Meged won the first round with a 9.5, but missed his calf in the second go round, and broke the barrier in the third for a time of 19.3.
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