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Roper List

Contestant List in Roping Order

Roper Selection Process

For the 2018 Cinch Roping Fiesta, all money won at the Fiesta will count toward the 2019 season earnings. Earnings will not count toward All-Around or Circuit Finals because it is a single event competition and not a seven event rodeo. With PRCA sanctioning, the selection process used current rankings as of a set date and a qualifier to determine invitations. The San Angelo Roping Committee was allowed exemptions (committee picks) to complete the contestant list. The payout remains exactly as calculated by previous Fiesta events and no money was removed from the purse. All PRCA fees and expenses were absorbed by the San Angelo Roping Fiesta.

Tie-Down Selection: The top 30 ropers, as of the end of the regular 2018 season (Sept 30, 2018), were invited to compete in the outdoor Fiesta Arena on Saturday, October 27, 2018. If a top 30 contestant was unable to attend the next contestant that was eligible from the 2018 season ending list was called and entered until 30 ropers were confirmed. The next five ropers (31-35) will be the top five placings from an open qualifier held on Friday, Oct 26, 2018 in the 1st Community Credit Union Spur Arena. Should any of those ropers decline the opportunity to enter the Saturday event, consecutive order placings will be extended until five are confirmed from the average of the preliminary roping. The final five (36-40) are classified as "Committee Exemptions." These are invited ropers selected by the Roping Fiesta Committee and the Junior Match winner will be the first exemption.
All invited contestants and exemptions must be in good standings with the PRCA by the close of entries. The Preliminary qualifiers must be in good standing to move to the outdoor roping. All ropers 18 or older will be required to have a PRCA Permit or Card to compete on Saturday the 27th. Any roper under age 18 cannot be a member of the PRCA, therefore they can participate in the outdoor arena roping but their earnings will not count.

Steer Roper Selection: The top 25 ropers as of the end of the 2018 season (Sept 30, 2018) were invited to compete in the outdoor Fiesta Arena on Sunday, October 28, 2018. If a top 25 contestant was unable to attend, the next that was eligible from the 2018 season ending list will be called and entered until 25 ropers are confirmed. The next five contestants, not in the top 25 list, come from the combined money winners at the following four Texas rodeos at the start of the 2019 season (October 2018): Waco, Rosenberg, Hempstead, and Belleville. The final two are exemptions selected by the Roping Committee for a total of 32 ropers. All invited contestants and exemptions must be in good standings with the PRCA by the close of entries.

Junior Match: Colten Greene and Tyler West

On Friday afternoon October 26th, immediately following the conclusion of the preliminary qualifier, the Junior Match Roping contest will be held. This year's ropers will be Colten Greene from Rocksprings, Texas and Tyler West from Mertzon, Texas.

West competed in the 2018 Vernon West Memorial Roping held on May 12 in Sweetwater which is open to any 16-20 year old roper. Bringing in the best of the best young ropers, Tyler came out on top as this past year's champion earning an invite to the Junior Match Roping contest during the Roping Fiesta.

Colten Greene was selected to compete against West. His credentials show his ability to perform under pressure:
2018 AJ RA 16-19 World Champion Calf Roper, 2018 AJRA NFR Average Champion, 2018 AJRA 16-19 Reserve All Around, 2017 AJRA 16-19 All Around Champion, 2017 AJRA 16-19 World Champion Heeler, Multi Event State Qualifier, THSRA 2017 and 2018, 2017 THSRA Region 2 Reserve Champion Steer Wrestler, Jr NFR qualifier, George Roland Champion Calf Roper, Tall City Blowout Champion, Short go qualifier IFYR 2018, American Semi Finals qualifier, 2016 TJHSRA State Champion Calf Roper.

The winner of the 8 head match will receive an invitation to the Outdoor Fiesta Arena to compete against the best ropers in the world on Saturday October 27th. Good luck and a special "Thanks" to Bud West for promoting and producing the elements to make this match possible.
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