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Santa Fe Trail Ride and Wagon Train




Cynthia Bynum, Sec 325-647-5609

UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Welcome Trail Ride Participant

Welcome Trail Ride Participants!!


We hope all is well for you and your family during this unusual time. Currently plans for this years' Trail Ride are under way.

This years’ route will have just a few changes with us kicking off at the Copeland Ranch on Knight Canyon Road.

with a “round robin” style ride.

Please watch for updates on the website; on Facebook; or your private email prior to the ride and as cell service permits.

We want to respect our ranchers wishes so please do not arrive at the ranch until after 12 noon on xxxxxxx.

One of the many suggestions we received last year was to bring back the auction. We listened and the auction will be held on xxxxxx afternoon with a brisket dinner and all the trimmings to follow. It’s a lot of fun. If you have a nice item you would like to donate just let us know at registration.

In response to your suggestion, rig move will be each afternoon following the ride unless announced otherwise. Announcements will be at the evening meal, however we have added a communication board to the chuckwagon.

Breakfast and lunch will be on your own, with dinner being a catered meal. Coffee and snacks will be available each morning at the chuckwagon.

As suggested, we will have more scouts available to ride front, middle, and rear to help you enjoy a safe ride. Timely "comfort" morning and lunch breaks are expected as well as scheduled animal water stops.

We try to make our ride as authentic with as much cross-country riding as possible. We know our ride is different from most in that we are trying to do it the way our ancestors did. It’s not for all folks, but as long as these great ranches let us, we will continue to ride the trails. We look forward to seeing each of you. Hope to see you in xxxxx.

May God be with you and keep you safe during your travels.

Until then, Happy Trails!

Tabitha Baker, Chairman

Jeff Rutledge, Co-Chairman


Look for daily details and helpful hint on our Santa Fe Trail Ride and Wagon Train Facebook page and on the daily entries on this link.

History: The Foundation Scholarships

One of the Foundation's goal is to provide scholarships to area youth in the ranching and farming industry, but it also provides more economic impact to San Angelo and the surrounding communities than any other single event. As always you are helping to sponsor a local foundation that is a charitable organization to better serve West Texas youth. Endowments, individual and corporate gifts to the Foundation are tax deductible.

Due to the continued support and contributions and the success of the Santa Fe Trail Ride, the Foundation has been fortunate to grow the total amount of scholarships awarded by the Association annually, for the past several years. For more information on the Foundation, please contact the stock show office or mail to the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo office: SASSRA Foundation, 200 West 43RD Street, San Angelo, Texas76903.


We're looking forward to meeting you. 

We know you have your choice of rides but this year we will be limiting the number of wagons to 25 and riders to 50 in order for us to be able to focus on the quality of ride.

Registration fee has been lowered to $xxx.00 per person.

Registration will open on xxxxxxxx. Be sure to register early to make sure that you have a spot. Once spots are filled you can sign up on the waiting list in case of a cancellation. We will be updating the website or Facebook when we meet our limit. Be sure to provide us with your email so that we may individually send you updated information.

Online registration has been quite successful and will be continued this year. Any fees associated with initial or any changes in payment will be the registrant's obligation.

Rules and Regulations


Rules & Regulations

  • Proof of current negative Coggins required.
  • Everyone must be registered and have a Badge that is visible at all times. Meals will not be served without it!
  • All animals must be in good general health & good physical condition to be allowed on the trail.
  • All riders and wagons must obey direction of the trail boss and scouts.
  • Alcohol will only be allowed at night in camp.
  • Riders under 18 must have a sponsor.
  • No display of any weapons (illegal knives, handguns, shotguns, rifles, firearms) or uncontrollable horses allowed on the ride.
  • Each person must clean up their own campsite, including manure, hay, before leaving a stop to move forward. If the Fort Concho stall is used, you must sign in/out and clean stall the day of the parade.
  • In case of an emergency, notify a committee member and/or check the chuckwagon communication board.
  • No riding double except for adults with young children.
  • Wagons must have breeching harnesses and brakes. If your wagon has a designated scout, they must be properly identified by the trail boss.
  • Riders on right side (shoulder) of the pavement, scouts on the left & must stay behind the front wheels of the lead wagon.
  • Borium or rubber shoes highly recommended.
  • No riding bareback, trick-riding, roping, littering, cursing or fighting.
  • Anyone that gets out of hand at any time will be called down and if necessary asked to leave the ride.
  • Vehicles are not allowed to follow the ride.
  • All pets must be secured at your campsite/on wagon at all times.
  • No tying horses to fences during the ride; violators will be responsible for paying for any damages.
  • Generators should be muffled and of reasonable noise level.
  • Do not play loud music when requested by scouts on the trail or when staying up late at night.
  • No illegal drugs.
  • Red ribbons will need to be tied on horses that kick.
  • Make sure you have appropriate clothing and a place to stay at night.
  • Bring water buckets for animals.
  • Park your rig in a manner that will not allow your horse to damage any vehicles or other animals.
  • Riders should carry protective rain gear on their saddles at all times.
  • Riders must respect each other at all times.

Warning:Under the Texas law (Chapter 87, Civil Practice and Remedies Code), a farm animal professional is not liable for any injury to or the death of a participant in farm animal activities resulting from the inherent risks of farm animal activities.

Special Thank you to sponsors: see gallery on Left

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Appreciation goes out to Rodeo Association

Trail Ride Committee
Chair Tabitha Baker
Co-Chair Jeff "Bull" Rutledge
Trail Boss Alfredo Martinez
Assistant Trail Boss and Wagon Master
Jerry Bynum

Contact Information
Santa Fe Trail Ride
c/o San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo Association
200 W. 43rd St, San Angelo, TX 76903

Stock Show Office 325.653.7785
Trail Ride Chair Tabitha Baker 325.812.4208

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San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo Santa Fe Trail Ride

Special THANKS goes out to the following:

Contact Information:

Santa Fe Trail Ride
c/o San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo Association
200 W. 43rd St
San Angelo, TX 76903

Stock Show Office 325.653.7785
Trail Ride Chair Tabitha Baker 325.812.4208

San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo Santa Fe Trail Ride
Horse, mule, or wagon, you need to be fit and ready.
Be prepared for the rough terrain.
Aerial view of the country side to let you evaluate the fitness of you animal(s) and rigging.
Be sure to have all the necessary equipment and some back up equipment to manage the authentic ride. Check out the Santa Fe Trail Ride FaceBook page for some helpful hints and friendly reminders.
Given that the ride begins late January, pack lots of foot, hand, body warmers.
If you have the "grit" we got the "go". No one is left behind.
Are there other trail rides this remote?
Majestic sunrises for your enjoyment.
Who has a better seat than this to see our great country?
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