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Auto Wrangler Livestock Barn

<font size=2>Livestock Building #2

Livestock Building #2 
This massive building, added in 2005, serves primarily as a livestock building during the annual Stock Show and Rodeo and for jackpot livestock shows throughout the year, however, this building has no limits! With an open floor plan it could serve as a great venue for a large exhibit building and much more! This facility runs parallel to Grape Creek Road and is easy to access.
  • 100,000 square foot barn
  • Accommodates 1,331 - 5'x5' portable pens
  • It boasts two to three arenas
  • Large wash bay
  • Extensive office space
  • Sidewall exhaust fans
  • Public address system
  • Portable seating
  • Completely paved asphalt
  • Contains a climate controlled room with auctioneer's stand perfect for sales or vendor space

Additional Photos

Entire view  

Aerial view of inside 

Wash racks inside  

Office area inside