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Director Nomination

Prospective Board Candidate Recommendation

The San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo Association is overseen by a board of approximately 25 volunteer members. Board members meet typically two to six times annually to discuss and review the Association's business. Board members are elected to a three year term. At current, there is no limit to the number of terms board members may be elected to.

The President of the Association annually appoints a Nominations Committee to review potential new board members, and current members up for re-election. Members (active volunteers or "silver" members) of the Association may recommend potential members for consideration for a board position. For the 2024 year, nominations are due on Monday, May 6th, by 5:00 p.m.

Association members may complete the form below to submit electronically or download and print the form below. Forms may be completed here, e-mailed to brenda@sanangelorodeo.com, or mailed to the Association at: Attn: Brenda Ybarra, 200 West 43rd St., San Angelo, TX 76903. Recommendations are only accepted by current volunteers, silver, or gold members of the Association. Anonomous forms will not be accepted.

Prospective Board Candidate Recommendation Form

Please complete this form about the individual(s) you recommend for consideration as prospective board member(s).Please provide as much relevant information about your proposed candidate(s).The nominating committee, appointed by the President, will review all recommendation forms along with current board members whose term has expired and are up for re-nomination. The nominating committee will make the recommendation of board members for the Association, at the Annual Meeting.

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