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Cinch Roping Fiesta

The San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo Association initiated the Roping Fiesta in 1954 as a way to help generate revenue for the association in the off season from the stock show and rodeo. The Roping Fiesta has always been at least a two day event, though the events featured have varied to include calf roping, team roping, steer wrestling, steer roping and double mugging.

Tie Down Roping became one of the two staples of the Roping Fiesta in 1962, when the committee added a match roping. A match roping is two contestants facing off on a set number of calves for the coveted title. Match roping's require not only great physical ability, but mental stamina as well.

Steer Roping is the foundation of the Roping Fiesta. This event is truly one that was developed from ranching techniques to help doctor animals in pasture or field settings. As the number of steer roping events across the nation continue to decrease, we are proud to offer this event in preserving western heritage.

The Roping Fiesta dirt has seen as many national qualifiers and world champions in men's timed events, as just about any arena you will find. The event serves as a great reunion for roping enthusiasts from across the nation, and is a bit of a homecoming for all West Texans.

We are proud to once again have one of the largest Ladies Breakaway payouts in the entire sport!! In 2023, we paid out nearly $100,000 to the ladies! Lip Chip llc has partnered the SASSRA to host $50,000 in prize money and bonuses that will be handed out over the weekend! There will be a preliminary roping in the 1CCU Spur Arena on Thursday October 29th at 10:00 am. The top 10 from there will rope for the title and $10,000 in prize money! This is open to all ladies of all ages! You want breakaway in San Angelo, well here you go!

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