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Steer Roping

2018 Cinch Roping Fiesta Steer Roping Payout

2018 Steer Roping Results

In a quick summary to our roping fans and followers. We could not have been blessed with better weather and arena conditions. The steer roping top four average winners from top to bottom are: Trevor Brazile with a 56.7 on 4. Vin Fisher Jr. was second with 59.5 on four head. Tuf Cooper held the third hole with a 60.1 on 4. Rounding out the payout in the fourth average position was Roger Branch with a 61.2 on 4. Total money awarded at the Steer Roping was $40,010.22. Each Go paid out $8,002.04 with the Average payout of $16.004.09.
Thanks to all our followers and fans. More details to come and analysis to come later this week.
Thanks to you all.
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